We characterize each action on designing pedagogical object.
1. Analysis of the object of design requires, first of all define what we design: system, process or situation?
Analysis of the object of design involves primarily the consideration of its structures, the state of each of them individually, and the links between them. The analysis found out weaknesses, shortcomings of the object from the point of view of the public-private and personal requirements to it. The analysis revealed a contradiction, i.e. the most significant discrepancy between the components of an object or state it as a whole and the requirements for it. It is this node will then be subject to change during the design.
2. The theoretical support of design – a search for information: a) about the experience of similar facilities in other locations, and b) the experience of the design of such facilities by other teachers, and c) of the theoretical and empirical studies of the effects on human pedagogical systems and processes, and of a decision pedsituatsy.
3. Methodical maintenance design includes the creation of design tools: Procurement schemes, sample documents, etc. Good to have a few options for each document to select the most suitable and appropriate structure. This includes the provision of meaningful design pedprotsessov or situations. For example, it is recommended to have by the job folder. They teacher collects a variety of material on a single topic for a training group with a particular specialty.
4. Space-time software design due to the fact that any project only gets a real value and can be implemented, if during its development are taken into account the specific time and a specific space. The lesson in computer science and computer engineering, held in the computer lab or in o6ychnom office – two different lessons.
The implementation of the project depends on the size of the areas of training, their equipment, appearance, and more. Temporary support of design – is the ratio of the project in time for its volume, ie Holds up to a certain period of activity on the pace of implementation, the rhythm, consistency, speed, etc.
Each method in its own time-consuming, the contents of that;
requires a certain amount of time for its transmission and digestibility of. Each form is designed for a longitudinal sequences.
5. Logistical support can offer teaching techniques and means to carry out directly by the design work.
There are five stages of the development of pedagogical activity;
I – era “of the individual teacher,” working “hand”;
II – the era of the textbook;
III – the era of audio-visual media;
IV – the era of simple automation learning management;
V – the era of adaptive automation ynpavleniya training on modern computers.
6. Legal support of design – is the creation of legal frameworks or their account in the development of activities of students and teachers within the systems, processes or situations. Neither educational project can not violate the constitution and the republic, laws and decrees of the supreme power and the scope of the direct management of education.
7. Selecting a systemic factors needed to create a complete project of the interconnectedness of all of its parts. This procedure requires separation of the main link, depending on which determine all other communications. This is called a system-leading link. Backbone component – is one that is able to combine all of the other components in the integral unity.

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